Super Foodie

Our favorite family fish

First, before you become a full-fledged nutritionist and study the whole chart below, challenge yourself with this short list off the Bembu blog.

See if you can memorize them and add them to your staples grocery app: 20 Healthiest Foods on Earth which comes from a longer list of 66 superfoods. Or just add them to your AnyList app.

Now read why you care about these nutrients, some you may find as medicinal. Feel free to just bookmark this page for future reference because I’m gonna add all kinds of voodoo you may want to try as well.

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Can’t decide which one to include in your life today?
Try the Super Food Spinner  I made of some favorites to have it pick one for you to incorporate into a meal, beverage or dessert.


I also found this comparative chart to put things into perspective, or make you give up and have donuts. I have yet to give up donuts, so maybe I’ll balance this by creating a bad food spinner too. Nah.

On Apple Cider Vinegar

Going to insert this here for us GERDY birds. With a diet void of sodas/acidic drinks and tomatoes, increased water and less late night eating, I was able timg_1104o rid myself of some major inflammation. I don’t believe I’m completely cured, so I still do some things that help me feel better. During my exploration of trying anything to end this circle of heartburn, and stress,  I tried drinking a tonic of water and about an ounce  of ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar and I feel like this has helped. There is something cleansing in vinegar. If we use it to keep our fruit from molding, and disinfecting countertops,  maybe that’s what it does going down – clean and preserves. I’d love someone to overturn the evil of pharm companies to do studies on why this inexpensive agent works. Think about this – salads use vinegar and most cultures use a vinegar based dressing as a agent of digestion. So, think there’s a link there?

I do.


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