craft-addict or color addict

I’m adding to this old post that it’s a color addiction because I really haven’t done many crafts lately. Well I made my kids piñata for his birthday – that counts sort of. Can anyone tell what that box design comes from? Obscure, I know. 

Kinda looks like Hub is in the scene of “Say Anything” movie.  
But I was going with his gamer theme and when my son asked “Are you trying to look like the girl from Scott Pilgrim?” I knew I was ‘on (fleek) theme.” 

Can’t really tell in my photo, but I have achieved my new rose goldish look.  Love it except that it’s temporary. El job people seem to like it but may be kinda radical. I don’t know maybe not. I’ve lived so long worried about these blah professional standards and not that my millenial cohorts have brought in a new style, I’m riding the rainbow of colors. #coloredhairdontcare 

Past post from I-can’t-remember-when but more blabbings about color. 


Probably should have named my blog “craft-addict.” I didn’t know I had this problem. It’s pretty serious cause I cringed this morning at the cost of getting a manicure, but I’m working next week and I want to look properly polished. I HAD to mess with my over-due paint job on these two vases I had repainted with a stone texture, but I left the rims undone.  Soooo glad this paint job didn’t mess up my manicure, but I did mess up my sweat pants (eh, who cares).

I will say if you need something to be addicted to let it be crafting. I also became really addicted to crocheting, as obvious, but I realized how so… I love looking at colors! If we could own rainbows, I guess I’d have one. Instead I have this insatiable need to buy things of various color – be it shoes, clothes, nail color, pens, paper, paint, worst of all… yarn. I have organized my closet like a thrift store, by color wheel. Worst of all,  I freaked out for me and my daughter on the sight of this place I saw on my morning commute – the Sugar Land Yarn Co.

Wait a minute, whuh? Really. They are going to be like everyone else in burb-town or the indian food store when I drop in – What is that stranger doing in our saloon?

My bro asked me today – what’s your favorite color? That’s worse than my favorite food, or my favorite child. I can’t choose. I used to crave orange, then avocado (which I still love to eat), and now I’m really into the retro colors of what Grandma’s house used to be painted- I always really miss her around this time. Come to think of it – I grew up in a huge garden of red carnations, white gardenias, and other kaleidoscopic mixtures on petals and home-grown vegetables.

But you have to choose sometimes, le couleur du jour. I took about an hour deciding on my toe nail color this morning. Finally, the nail tech said “I pick one for you,” meaning “hurry the f-up.”

Well, I’m going back to the ‘trose’ this weekend where we can’t steer clear of the rainbows. Can’t wait.


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