Getting Married in Jamberry

If your planning to get married, there’s a ton of decisions, from your hair to your fingertips. Going to a salon is always fun for the bridal party, but if you want to achieve a coordinated, color matched event for all your gals and in short time, you should try Jamberry nail wraps. Hosting a party, gets free products for you and the gals. Or gift them as bridal gifts! We can even help you design some especially for your big day.

Below are some ideas for pairing outfits and wraps.

See the online catalog here


Click search at the top right and plug in your colors (one at a time) to see all the great options.

If you haven’t tried Jamberry yet, click here to get a sample – Send me a sample!

Hosting an online party brings fun and gives you a chance to see what your friends like, find me on Facebook to book a Girls’ Night In Party anytime!  PM me on Facebook

Bring Jamberry to the party, and be the real Maid of Honor….



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