Totes McOvernight Oatsz

Hubs and I are going to start eating more in the morning and well we eat less in the evenings lately since we are cooking and barely have time.

We have one more year of middle school and then our world will change again. And that life-long question of why do all the old folks get up so early will finally make some damn sense. They have high schoolers that start at 7:30 am, meaning all will be up and competing with bathrooms, kitchens all at the same start. Maybe they will ride to school together which makes me a little sad, that neither one of us will be taking them anymore. Wait, if they can do it all alone, I won’t have to! Wait, I know they will need me to help sometimes, so best be ready.

No matter what, oats were what my grandpa ate every morning and he lived to 92. I think it was his military habit, but it included egg yolks, and figs. That’s too turbo for me, but I’m going to def drop some coconut, almonds, chia and fruit in mine.

Some recipes I might try:

As You Like It: Overnight Oats for Breakfast
Overnight Oats
The mixture will keep for up to two days — if you don’t add the banana, up to four days. However, once you are experienced, you’ll have no problem whipping up another batch midweek if needed!
Yield: 1 serving
Prep Time: 2 minutes; Active Time: 2 minutes; Inactive Time: Refrigerate overnight or at least 5 hours
1/3 to 1/2 cup rolled oats
1/3 to 1/2 cup liquid of choice
1/3 to 1/2 cup yogurt (optional)
1/2 banana, mashed (optional)
1 teaspoon chia seeds (optional but highly recommended)
Toppings of choice
Add the desired base ingredients to a jar or other container and give them a good stir. Refrigerate overnight or for at least 5 hours.
In the morning, add additional liquid if you’d like. Once you achieve the desired consistency, add any toppings that you have on hand.

Tumeric Time

is healing me.

I lost the first tumeric tea recipe (2011), but realized I had made a paste and not a huge pot of tea all this time.

I found one that includes black pepper that helps to activate the turmeric. *Importante!

Insert delicious picture of yummy tea, if not fallen into cozy, deep sleep. (I can’t find it yet but in the meantime… here’s my Alice in Wonderland cup).

Musical Influence

This drink is a super elixir in that it has both the anti-inflammatory combo – turmeric and black pepper (coconut milk,oil as fat for faster absorption); and the cinnamon and honey combined is a great immunity boost among many others.

Supporting articles:

Healthy Eating Planner: 31 Days of Superfoods | Fitness Magazine

This looks like a good plan to try be super! You are what you eat. 😉

A Greener We Will Go

Hubs really craved to recreate this cilantro pesto turkey sandwich from a restaurant we tried in Montrose. We couldn’t find this kind of pesto, so had to make it from some recipes online. Pretty strong on the cilantro-ness, but pretty good compliment to turkey, free shavocado and swiss. Plus, new avocado plant seedling. Green, green, green! 

I will never turn town a …

I will never turn town a potato chip or a French fry, the starch, the grease-slicked fingers, the lips split by the salt as if they had enjoyed a long night of kissing…but a fried plantain can be a scene-stealer. Fried until crisp in long, thin strips until the color of marigolds, they look […]

I think of myself as “…

I think of myself as “ladylike,” but truth be told, I’ve been known to sit on filthy floors at Penn Station, curse like a sailor, and engage in a number of other activities that would not be characterized as demure. I think that goes for Tara as well, though I suspect the dirty floor situation […]

Ideas for my tea party…

Art, Food, and Existential Crises: The World of Banal Muffins

An illustrated interview with artist and musician Chris Sav, the creator of the blog Banal Muffins and “boy band” Chris and the Celeriac.

Table it. 

Hub is really getting into the kitchen with some new recipes. Heart healthier, try it yourself. 

Kale salad, like really? Citrus Shrimp! Need to add that Cilantro Rice (sh I don’t like cilantro cause it’s been reported to be grown in poisonous areas) but it didn’t kill us. 

We are gaining more help in the kitchen from our kiddos too and like watching more food channel so we get more ideas to add to some Pang and Scroggins passed down recipes. We’ll add a section for those too with videos from the household chefs. 

  gingerly good tea time

For Christmas, I received some black mango tea from my friend. Thank you Jen of the Wilderness,  for the even more exciting infuser water bottle to keep me healthily hydrated this year. 

I ran to the store to get cucumber and lemons for my newest concoction. Everyone has been talking about ginger tea so I sliced up some root and dropped this in first. 

For the refreshing cool beverage, I stuck it in the fridge. But everyone knows I quit drinking cold water and prefer room temperature or hot drinks, so to keep the veggies fresh I leave it in the fridge (by the way, the fridge does keep bananas longer – proven by daughter science fair project) and when it’s tea time – put a cup of it in my microwave.  

Added  a bit of honey too. Now I’m having  a gingerly good tea time, chums. 

Healthy Box Reasons For Ginger Daily