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Mani – PETeez: Glamour wrap your Pet with Jamberry

Wanna wear your pet’s sweet mug on your manicure? Let me put your sweet pet on a beautiful gloss mani-pedi nail wrap!

Here is A Dog Named Henry modeling his hip hop gear. He’s modeled in other pet magazines. Quite the celeb!

These will be offered via internal site only after the NAS designs are open to the public in early September: 


henry homedawg

 Fun-raiser for Pet Shelter

I’m so excited to start this design project as a fundraiser to sponsor the animal shelter that we found our own Mookins! I will provide 20% of the proceeds to the SPCA iWalk for Animals Fundraiser in December.


  1. Email your pet’s photo to – Subject: MANI-PETEEZ
    All the examples below have been taken from images off a cellphone, so most will work. Try to use one where their head is surrounded by a color you’d like for rest of the background. If you want to take a photo of a wall color, blanket or maybe your shirt is in the background. I can use it. EVERY PET IS WELCOME (cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, turtles, etc etc). Don’t make your cobra mad taking flash photo, though. I will not be responsible for that.
  2. I send you a PayPal secured site to send a payment. Jamberry charges $19.50 for this full sheet (two manis and two pedis) include and I pass on the same price. We share in the delight of you wearing your pet photos. I want a Nailfie if you remember.


** Jamberry is applied with heat and lasts two weeks when you do this: heat application

Below are some of the designs I’ve created for this event and for anyone else who would like to help donate. Each wrap design allows for you to wear them on every nail for one mani / pedi (big toe only) and a whole other daily-wear application as well. I can customize the color selection and patterns as desired. The options are endless.


Pink or Teal – “Downward Deisel” This sweet knows yoga but is tough and will protect your nails too.

blue Dieselpink Diesel

And we had to add our Mookin’s Macy with the Grey in the “M” design. I love the dove grey and ballet pink for this! The yellow helps to show which ones go on toes and which on nails and of course if you want to create a mixed mani you can use the puppy fingers as accents with other nail wraps! I’m dying of the cuteness, but if you want them before the Walk or some other Pet show off day, give me a week and week for shipment.

mani macy grey and pink CHART.jpg

Designing Wraps Workshop: Learning From Disaster

For Jamberry NAS Designers (or if you’re just Jam-curious): 

I thought by now someone would have created a helpful image to solve these problems, as the internet generally provides me all answers to bizarre problems or at least a million opinions. But alas, nothing. So my nerdy self did my own design experiment to help those trying to size a single image to each finger. 

How to make sure the image at the ends will fit on the nail and not get cut off. Using my small person’s (I’m petite – 5ft) nails as a minimum limit to how large the image can be, I decided to keep any image under my nail bed size. Good measure, I think. 

Now, compare the wraps I made that did not work out well. My Guns & Roses-inspired wraps showed me where the design limitations were. Either get an image that’s small and repeated, or make sure the image is small enough to not be filed away. I just drew on the lines from one of the wrap remnants to make the DIY guide. I still can use them if I grow my nails pretty long (I will be doing that whn I get all nostagic again). My hub said he can fit one on his toe. All is saved! Hum…I’ll be getting you to model that, sir. 

Then, how can I figure out if my nail wrap that’s not yet printed off will fit this guide????

Voila, iphone to the rescue. Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs for making also great branding decals. 

ANSWER: Light box it against my DIY sizing tool! These are my Dulles Viking Class of 1991 wraps  I’ve designed for my High School Reunion coming up this September. The logo is the older one from when we were in school. That’s soooo old school graphic design. “Light box.” Maybe, light phone it. IDK, DC. 

ADDED VALUE: Make two designs on one sheet. Damn, Daniel! 

The second pattern stripes make a “V” and can be worn without the Dulles emblem too, so great patriotic colors for Voting or other patriotic days (anytime really). Talk about pre-planning! They have to be special-ordered from my site until Jamberry opens all designs to the public. Open – open – open ….

I hope others from my class wanna style them. 

Learned a little more from my alma mater today. Hope this iphone trick helps other NAS Jamberry designers before they go to print. 

Marvel Presented by Jamberry!

I am so happy to announce the Marvel and Jamberry collab! Check out the featured comic designs for yourself with more to come!

I might have to get the Captain America for July 4th… hum.. I was kinda Team Iron Man, well, I’m not sure but I like the comic strip too.


Marvel Jamberry
Click here to see the full collection! 

Sticker Kid

Did you LOVE sticker collecting? It was better than Garbage Pail kids mainly because I had an album and I didn’t for those cards (maybe my brother did), I didn’t like that I couldn’t carry my huge binder of my famous collection. My buds in school couldn’t really match my rare selection.  

So I’m reliving my younger years as that “sticker kid.” Maybe they would have called us “sticker heads” back in the day. Remember going to get stickers and there was so many kinds to have? Googlie-eyes, puffy, scratch & sniff, metallic, all kinds of themes….I’ve been trying to come to terms with it, but I’m a color and pattern addict. It makes so much sense why I love clothes but not like shopping.   

Found this cute chevron pattern for easy carry

I’m so crazy about a like of the new styles coming out tomorrow. You’re like “Geez Go To Bed!” But I want to put on some new ones and I can’t make up my mind!

So I have two weeks with the new wrap and then many of y’all are coming to see me at my son’s bday party, so I might do a demo to redo them during the after party. PS. If you just got some wraps from me and you wanna come use the heater thingy to try it out. We can do that. 

 Also BIG NEWS: TOMORROW IS NEW CATALOG RELEASE DAY!!! I will reveal the digital catalog, and I’m glad to say there are some that I love that made the cut and so many of my new favorite shades!!! 
If also found some amazing Cards to send samples so don’t forget to do the request form:  AREN’T these so cute?!!!

Jamberry Reward Card
  Just to let you know if you become a consultant, you rack up discounts and even actual profits (Remember I’m finding my daughters Sweet 16 Cotillion semi- fancy pants party). I just need 100 sheets sold. That’s all. But back to doing the consulting thing, it’s fun to learn this the modern social model of direct sales (business school nerds could only care). 

And you get all this stuff and then you just host parties. It’s fun to drop off these catalogs because I don’t JUST look at Jamberry wraps, I love color pairings and designs hat may influence my color schemes in my work and personal life. If you’d like to do it, you get the heater thing the kit for many and  a bunch of wraps… Let me know if you’d like to get stuck on Jamberry like this sticker nails fan. 


Hurry hurry baby Jamberry… The final countdown: sale ends today!

Last chance to shop these limited wraps!
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Jamberry Kit show & tell

I got the kit and I’m ready to host my little mani pedi parties. So just letting you know this thing was only $99 and I think I spent that on one disappointing mani-pedi last Christmas maybe. Not saying that it’s not fun to go to the salon from time to time and have someone rub ya legs. Ew. Not showing any of that in my videos people, so stop asking. 

I just like these designs and was a sticker kid back in my elementary years … so I have a thing about adhesives, so what?! 

Show & Tell Jamberry Kit

So if anyone wants to join in this adventure by the end of February …it’s $99 and I help you host and  I can help you set up your own website thing too or use the one straight from the company :  my Consultant site:

  Then, compadres, kemosabes, Amigas, and Mes Amies… Let’s Jam on it!  Jam On It – tribute vid  


Nail Pamming

Has anyone else tried this and found it works? If you have not a clue about what I mean – I’m talking about making your nails dry quicker by do rating them with Pam cooking oil spray.

Today, I’m trying it out. Lemme know if you’ve tried it. Thumbs up or down?