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31 Days Yoga With Adriene #2017goals

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Taking my yoga sanctuary seriously. I have this whole room, new spaces to expand my breath, stack my yoga books high, meditation and breathing practices. Growing each day to bring technique in balance, being present and staying flexible – committing to life.



Yoga Teaching Goals 

I’ve been practicing for some years now , but how do you know when you’re ready to teach yoga? Found this post to be very encouraging Starr Struck post

My yoga practice is still my medicine. It is a foundation of discovery and continues to present wonderous challenges. So when you think of your future, start with your health first – mental, emotional and physical. Luckily, our minds can heal our bodies when we listen. Everything else thrives on your well-being. 


  • RYT 200 hour training 
  • Find best training with serious teachers that teach health benefits of asanas 
  • Pacing and cueing practices
  • Create space at home to practice and help others to practice plus include family into the fun
  • Expand learning to mindfulness and meditation 

Yoga does not stink!

As you know I’ve tried the world of vinyasa and bikram (hot house) studios in Houston, Sugar Land, Midtown, Downtown over the years. The big question is not “Are you sore?. No, it’s “Doesn’t it smell?”

So in designing my yoga meditation room, I knew I wanted some kind of nice oil diffuser or scenting device, maybe incense. I came across a friend who asked me if I have a Scentsy.

I was like “WHAT IS THAT?”

When she skooled me on this popular scent wax warmers, I realized lots of people in my offices had them, but I didn’t think about them because I just thought they had lit candles inside and NO THANKS. I am so Safetypants, I wouldn’t. I just didn’t know it was an electric unit. haahahah dumb.

So I also have a house full of candles that I would never put out because I worried my kiddos would turn this house into a bonfire with all my papers I hoard. So when I found out this Scentsy thing doesn’t mean lighting anything with FIRE, I immediately bought this awesome

So when I found out this Scentsy thing doesn’t mean lighting anything with FIRE, I immediately bought this awesome yogi inspired Bali warmer. I can’t wait get my asanas started to some coconut lemongrass in this!!!!


I got so crazy about the idea, I wanted to promote this too. It all goes together with my future yoga studio plans, so if you think this would make “Scent-sy”  in your yoga studio, work out space, living room, classroom (oh goodness smell kiddos), etc – visit the catalog: BREATH THIS – KIDLIZZ.SCENTSY.US

You can thank me later, if that’s saved your practice, work day and improve your breathing! Lucky the scents don’t include stinky socks, sweatshirts, dog scentsy, etc…

Yoga Expo 2016

Baby yogi and I was back at it again with yoga mats and holsters in the GRB getting bendy and free samples! Found a teacher course that may fit my schedule and another vendor party company. Essential oils education and saw some wonderful Yoga One teachers. 

Worrier Pose

Try not to keep this Worrier Pose for long. Worrying is not all bad, just should not be practiced as much as the other poses. Remember to breath. I can say that a two – day event for 90ish in an attendance, even with upscale restaurant staff is a great feat when your left moving leftover beverage cases and food by yourself at the end of the night (partly in heels). 

Throughout the night, I’m breathing and stretching and taking time to monitor my stress levels so I stay alert. 

After the second day of running, I was somehow still refreshed and sad I turned down free tickets for ZTrip dance party. I probably could have pulled that off too but maybe in a headstand off my feet.  It’s all about the yoga y’all.  



Yoga Music

Everyone knows I’m a dancer, first, then a yoga strike-a-poser. I haven’t really done much yoga to music and I find that I’m more focused in silence, OHMs, or listening to my breath. I caught myself ‘enjoying the silence’ in the absence of car radio music, but realized I was listening to the wind like when I’m riding my bike, a white noise I didn’t really know I liked. I’ve started becoming aware of the sounds around my work campus. I listen to trees and birds but mainly use my hearing senses to hear the bus and gage how long before I miss it toting my laptop and mega-sized purse with, sometimes with/sans carefully-maneuvered coffee mug. I added Yogi music to spotify account, but not feeling it much. It would please me so much if I could coordinate yoga practice to music I feel makes me breathe, maybe faster than deeper, but I’d work on it.

I found this article: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Yoga Flow To Jumpstart Your Day by Mary Clare Sweet

So I’ve decided to find more musicians and other celebs that are influenced by their yoga life including The Beatles, Mick Jagger, as stated in this article. There really are a lot of followers, maybe because classes are so expensive, celebs generally fall in line with this social bridging, but hopefully it’s to maximize their days on earth. HELL-O! “Here comes the sun” It’s been a hard day’s night, and now I’m feelin’ downward dog. 😉

FIND OUT WHICH 43 Celebrities [Who] Swear By Yoga

#17 MY FAVORITE YOGI – I really had no idea that her whole Ray of Light stretch was about the Shanti spiritual realm and yoga practice… maybe had I been doing “yoga” I could have recognized it. So let’s listen and maybe cherish the stretch and “OPEN our HEARTS” to some Shanti, Shanti…

gaga yoga

Well, then again… There’s my Gaga in my favorite Bikram pose. Just won’t choose between them, but I know I love Bikram, sweat and tears. They say its competitive and I remember hoping that one day I’d be tapped to join a team, but then I thought – it’s not about that… and when it is, it’s no longer about self.

Here Comes The Sun 


Yoga Teacher Bully    

Anyone had an experience like this? Ha. Sad to know, once I felt like an instructor didn’t really want to touch students so he used his foot to “kick” me into position. I never. 

Yoga Class Tyrant


Party Mode

Generally, I so out of party mode because of all the events I put on and the holidays, come February I’m all partied out. But I think it’s the weather that has me seeking social events and summer even before the spring. I had a small trip to Arizona, and although I didn’t get to eagle pose on the mountain tops, I got the fever for a sun salutation. 

Well, VJ ThaKidB was downloading his retro videos and came across this one for my dancing mood.  Siouxie & The Banshees Mix – Peek A Boo and Kiss Them For Me Plus there’s all this India motif and lotuses. Kinda makes me wonder if she’s a yogi. Gonna go look her up on Twitter and ask her. 

So along with going to see The Cure, more aging anxiety comes from my highschool wanting to do another reunion. Geez what would we have but old music and telling each other how enlightened we are about our parents, now being one. It is interesting how people moved and changed careers and how we all seemed to have come back. I wonder if except my little lunch group and my library friends will they remember me? I was like one of four Asians in my elementary. Maybe it doesn’t matter cause we all have Facebook and we’ll just talk politics and hate each other all over again. What to do about people you don’t want to be reunited with? I hope it will be all dancing and less networking. If I get on the planning committee, I’ll let you know how it goes. What was your highschool reunion like? Comment below.