Call me…It’s 2016, TXT me.

Questions? Call me, well TXT me. 

 (281) 393 – 7443

So happy to be amongst other JamAddicts.

Send me your Jamberry nailfies to #KidLizzJams

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jamberry liz

I convinced myself that I needed to become a Jamberry consultant, because I feel like after being “not only a client” …I can  “also be a consultant.” I really like to pair these decals with my clothes and have something interesting on my nails. I’m a nail-nerd.  Ever since I saw this teacher wear them, I wanted to grow more ways I can stay addicted to colors and designs. It’s not a healthy habit like the other habits of mine, but it’s one that keeps me entertained and it makes me feel like designing – I guess plus they are on my tools of creation (my hands).

It just seemed like an idea I can get behind. I want others to experience a new way to manicure / pedicure because I don’t like the environment of the nail salon much. It’s so satisfying to me to create with color.

I will be posting how to best use these decals and how they can look with stylish jewelry (so I’ll be searching for jewelry collaborators), etc… I used to laugh at the idea that my friend wanted  to be  a hand model (really hungry college years idea), and I guess I do that  just being a consultant, and a fan.

I’d like some of my artist friends to get in on this and make their own signature designs to see for events/etc. I think that some promo stuff could be developed for female – audience type marketing (teachers, nurses, college/team functions engaging woman power). Did I mentioned I love designing promo items too and in a past life, I designed mail and digital marketing pieces.

Jamberry is a real company and through the online interaction,  I meet people across the nation, but I think they want  me to move it across the world – which is exciting since I work internationally (across timezones).

Hope you’ll have fun with me as I try this out and maybe host parties where we can also see each other  in person (need excuses sometimes to gather). Plus, maybe we can COLLAB our fundraisers, creative ideas, events, etc online or offline…

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