Altered Attire

Alter, not waste.

I hesitate to throw out clothing pieces because I generally have an emotional attachment to them (except socks – socks go in and out of my life upon arrival). So I try my best to hoard out of sight, but eventually they come back out. Then, it’s time to negotiate their new ownership – to the school donation box or to friends and fam.

Why don’t we have clothes recycling?! There’s more human effort in making clothes than all these plastic products.  When I become Mayor…

Anyway, I keep trying to promote the preservation of wardrobes by sharing modifications and re-loving their new look if for only a few months or more…

Here are a few of my newest mods:

Legging Leftovers Transform 

My daughters small size 4 leggings kept finding its way back to my hamper even after many donation attemps. So chopped off legs, used the short side to brace my knees and curl tucked the ends like 80s jeans! Love. Warmer. Must be obsessed with warmth. 

Button Detox 

Buttons can go in the craft drawer.  
Now I am plugging this top back into the closet to be worn with a colorful scarf.

I love the little folds left after I took off those worn-out buttons. I think I had a country moment and hid this in my western wear section the day after I wore it. Now it can go anywhere.

Don’t ask me why both of these projects were this color.

From Worthless to Worthy, Torn to Worn

 I could no longer love the shape of this Versace 90’s Tee, so snip-slash and now it’s an exercise top. I feel like boxing! This destructive project was worth it. Signed up for kick boxing. See what new clothes can do!

Made a little hair wrap from the bottom part.
Don’t I look like I can kick some buttons?











Found another trash to treasure: Sweatshirt Save from the donation pile back to the closet in a few snips!


Flipping up my sleeves to show the geometric cuts.

I hated this Hanes sweat shirt. So boxey, and tight around the arms. Now, I love it like an 80’s aerobic instructor would.