yarn over!

Maybe it’s because it sounds French, and something sportif, that I’d even like “crocheting.” Actually, my French-named daughter learned this craft in girl scouts and I told her to look up more detailed instruction online.  Once she watched a few tutorials, came back with the basic skills to produce a beannie and other useful items, I was amazed. I read that kids can gain from the creativity and cognitive process of these repetitive patterns.

So for educational value,  I was “hooked” ~ that’s dorky, I know.

So far I yarned up a few useful things: winter beanies, cutest crochet animals, and increasingly popular with the caffeine addicts – crochet coffee sleeves!

These wild, woolen animals were requested by all the middle schoolers, so you know why beanie babies were so popular – 1. animal figures, 2. cute, 3. soft.

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Glad I’ve linked to others who have the same love for the glove.

Coffee Cozies 

Cause coffee mugs need sleeves.

Modeled here by the notorious dress-code rebel.


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