Konmari Klean

My new trial practice that stems from yoga is to start minimizing, Konmari – style.

I used to be an “organizer – hoarder” which I found from reading-listening to  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing meant I was a master “recycler.” I find that so many purposeful reasons to keep things, there isn’t a way to discard. So, I am really challenging myself starting today.

I am reading this online post to see if this Tidying Marathon will exhaust me of time or revitalize me with space.  I will come back to see to it to compare results.

Why I think it will work:

  1. I was already a freak about folding clothes. I own one of those plastic flap things like in the retail stores (doesn’t work fabulously or like on TV, but it was an okay try) – probably going to throw that out. Can’t do the A-B-C folding method either… BUT, I do love putting my clothes in drawers like little books on a bookshelf. This is a very good technique I showed my son. I hope he’s doing that.
  2. I like putting things together by category.
  3. I love dumping tons of things from drawers and throwing stuff away, because they were probably empty or dried out and I didn’t have time to notice.
  4. I really need to come to terms with bringing stuff back into style after the third time. Just need to decide on my new style and move the heck on. #suitout
  5. I would like the reward of a tranquil space for my whole family. Our home will still be a great playground for creativity, but will soon have lots more space to create.

    Plus, it’s another thing I can bujo about. #bujo #konmari

Why I think it won’t work:

  1. I keep things that have emotional connection, and I have lot of these gifts.
  2. The Recycler – Donater – Seller can’t remove the items from the house. I hate “wasting” by tossing, but would rather give them away. Lots of people hate second-hand stuff too, but we should try to re-use items. When we recycle cans and plastics, I don’t think of it as being a tree-hugger or Earth-saver. Working in the area of environmental engineering and seeing the incredible efforts made to clean our water, it makes sense to realize that these items were never trash to begin with but materials to be re-used. Yeah, and they wouldn’t be there if we put them in the right place to begin with.

Here are a list of resources I will attempt to move these items, rather than discarding.


Goodwill  – Sugar Land

Salvation Army Truck 

Next Door Classifieds

Le Petite Garage – selling stuff 

This is a Facebook page I started and moderate for people who want to find smaller-sized other people or just get rid of their size 0 – 6 women’s clothes, shoes, etc just because I thought it would be fun to do, and lots of people have joined in.


It’s the worst when we buy the kids stuff that they end up NEVER or barely wearing. Kiddo loves those jeans with the holes in the knees, so I told him to rip the other’s knees… but he just likes that one pair! Luckily, he out grew them, so I have all the practically new jeans. This means they generally have to be in stock, and still in the house. I need to create my own Ebay shelf to support this – but this means stuff stays in the house longer.

We’ll  keep you updated on the improvements…