My Mani Pedi Secrets Shared

#1 Secret to a great manicure and pedicures – clean, dry, smoothed pre-wrap and polished nails using a fine grit file! 


Fine file block

#2 Secret to great diy hands and quick revive to manis and pedis. Use to soften dead skin and use sharp nail scissors to clip off stiff parts. 
$3.98 cheaper here than at beauty supply stores ​

Cuticle Remover

#3 Secret to soft heels and skins – gentle weekly buff with pumice bar to rough skin ares and daily scrub to heels and feet

$1.99 Pumi Bar

Pumi Bar

#4 Secret to soft heels and toesies – 


Tea Tree Oil

There you have it. Slow your money roll to the salon, cause you can maintain your own mani pedis at home with these solutions. Go into 2017 with healthy nails. Of course, wrap up your look  with some Jamberry! 

Geo Diamond wraps to ring in the New Year!

Manicure and Pedi sheets $15, that’s $7.50 for two week of perfect nails!

Actually, the Jamberry tools are really good quality if you want a pro kit! 

Manicure Kit