Nail Pamming

Has anyone else tried this and found it works? If you have not a clue about what I mean – I’m talking about making your nails dry quicker by do rating them with Pam cooking oil spray.

Today, I’m trying it out. Lemme know if you’ve tried it. Thumbs up or down?


doggie digest


I used to look down on people who would just feed their dog scraps. I thought that to be a good dog owner you have to buy them the stuff off the shelves. But now as I see more that our food industry is probably poisoning us, I feel certain they would start with food that innocent pets would eat. Pets can’t complain but in silent protest.

After we’ve had our dog for a few years and watched her digest everything she could pry from our locked trash can, I realized that none of our people food killed her. It’s killing us but was probably better than the fake nutrients in that Purina Chow. So I am making efforts to share our real meats with the family protector. I take off skins and fats and water it down to make it less fatty or spicy. Also I came across this link today that provided some other healthy pet foods –

So, it looks like dogs might frequent Super Salad if they were allowed.

Good Dog Foods
Apple Slices
Baby Carrots
Flax Seed
Fruit Salad
Greek Yogurt
Green Beans
Seaweed Nori
Sweet Potatoes
Dog Tried It
Dog Liked?
Y – No problems
Y – No problems
Y – No problems with cheese
No thanks – constipated
Y – Stinky farts
N – No to fancy oil.
Hey, no to grapes!
Stolen plates off dinner table
Tore open bags
We don’t eat them.
Felt jilted
Too salty
Probably snuck her some fries.











Also, let’s see the list of bad foods for dogs and why –

Bad for Dogs

Macadamia Nuts
Yeast Dough

This also looks like the list of my favorite things. By having this NO DOG ALLOWED MENU visualized, you can remember what NOT to feed them.

Avocado – Bacon Cheese Sandwich with Onions and Garlic Toast Yeast Buns, with chocolate macadamia nut cookies, grapes and mocha latte.

It’s hard for me to remember the whole list, but I think this image might help every time someone is begging at the fridge. But cheese is on both lists, so…

Modified Clothing

Alter, not waste.

I hesitate to throw out clothing pieces because I generally have an emotional attachment to them (except socks – socks go in and out of my life upon arrival). So I try my best to hoard out of sight, but eventually they come back out. Then, it’s time to negotiate their new ownership – to the school donation box or to friends and fam.

Why don’t we have clothes recycling?! There’s more human effort in making clothes than all these plastic products.  When I become Mayor…

Anyway, I keep trying to promote the preservation of wardrobes by sharing modifications and re-loving their new look if for only a few months or more…

Here are a few of my newest mods:


Button Detox 

Buttons can go in the craft drawer.  
Now I am plugging this top back into the closet to be worn with a colorful scarf.

I love the little folds left after I took off those worn-out buttons. I think I had a country moment and hid this in my western wear section the day after I wore it. Now it can go anywhere.

Don’t ask me why both of these projects were this color.

From Worthless to Worthy, Torn to Worn

 I could no longer love the shape of this Versace 90’s Tee, so snip-slash and now it’s an exercise top. I feel like boxing! This destructive project was worth it. Signed up for kick boxing. See what new clothes can do!

Made a little hair wrap from the bottom part. Don’t I look like I can kick some buttons?













Found another trash to treasure: Sweatshirt Save from the donation pile back to the closet in a few snips!



Flipping up my sleeves to show the geometric cuts.

Crochet business


I am truly amazed that my daughter picked up this book she got from her auntie and just started making the cutest little animal toys ever! She came home with a bunch of orders from her friends, so it’s her first entrepreneurial venture. We had to go over the costs after the fact but she’s making profit when she buys her supplies at discount, so good thing we always get 40% off with the phone app coupon. She has made these two little lions, a penguin, giraffe, but they went like hotcakes. I never got a photo. Anyway this just goes to show – just because you (adult) can’t do whatever doesn’t means the young ones can’t figure it out… Segway to another topic about work…


craft-addict or color addict

I’m adding to this old post that it’s a color addiction because I really haven’t done many crafts lately. Well I made my kids piñata for his birthday – that counts sort of. Can anyone tell what that box design comes from? Obscure, I know. 

Kinda looks like Hub is in the scene of “Say Anything” movie.  
But I was going with his gamer theme and when my son asked “Are you trying to look like the girl from Scott Pilgrim?” I knew I was ‘on (fleek) theme.” 

Can’t really tell in my photo, but I have achieved my new rose goldish look.  Love it except that it’s temporary. El job people seem to like it but may be kinda radical. I don’t know maybe not. I’ve lived so long worried about these blah professional standards and not that my millenial cohorts have brought in a new style, I’m riding the rainbow of colors. #coloredhairdontcare 

Past post from I-can’t-remember-when but more blabbings about color. 


Probably should have named my blog “craft-addict.” I didn’t know I had this problem. It’s pretty serious cause I cringed this morning at the cost of getting a manicure, but I’m working next week and I want to look properly polished. I HAD to mess with my over-due paint job on these two vases I had repainted with a stone texture, but I left the rims undone.  Soooo glad this paint job didn’t mess up my manicure, but I did mess up my sweat pants (eh, who cares).

I will say if you need something to be addicted to let it be crafting. I also became really addicted to crocheting, as obvious, but I realized how so… I love looking at colors! If we could own rainbows, I guess I’d have one. Instead I have this insatiable need to buy things of various color – be it shoes, clothes, nail color, pens, paper, paint, worst of all… yarn. I have organized my closet like a thrift store, by color wheel. Worst of all,  I freaked out for me and my daughter on the sight of this place I saw on my morning commute – the Sugar Land Yarn Co.

Wait a minute, whuh? Really. They are going to be like everyone else in burb-town or the indian food store when I drop in – What is that stranger doing in our saloon?

My bro asked me today – what’s your favorite color? That’s worse than my favorite food, or my favorite child. I can’t choose. I used to crave orange, then avocado (which I still love to eat), and now I’m really into the retro colors of what Grandma’s house used to be painted- I always really miss her around this time. Come to think of it – I grew up in a huge garden of red carnations, white gardenias, and other kaleidoscopic mixtures on petals and home-grown vegetables.

But you have to choose sometimes, le couleur du jour. I took about an hour deciding on my toe nail color this morning. Finally, the nail tech said “I pick one for you,” meaning “hurry the f-up.”

Well, I’m going back to the ‘trose’ this weekend where we can’t steer clear of the rainbows. Can’t wait.


glove love

Pinterest has helped me discover another fetish for retro, pin up styles…but most obviously driving me to “pin” my love for gloves!!!

So I tried my hand at crocheting my first fingerless gloves, seeing how similar my coffee sleeves are in design.

Not necessarily the colors I wanted, but the starting point – here below:



Glad I’ve linked to others who have the same love for the glove.