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Designing Wraps Workshop: Learning From Disaster

For Jamberry NAS Designers (or if you’re just Jam-curious): 

I thought by now someone would have created a helpful image to solve these problems, as the internet generally provides me all answers to bizarre problems or at least a million opinions. But alas, nothing. So my nerdy self did my own design experiment to help those trying to size a single image to each finger. 

How to make sure the image at the ends will fit on the nail and not get cut off. Using my small person’s (I’m petite – 5ft) nails as a minimum limit to how large the image can be, I decided to keep any image under my nail bed size. Good measure, I think. 

Now, compare the wraps I made that did not work out well. My Guns & Roses-inspired wraps showed me where the design limitations were. Either get an image that’s small and repeated, or make sure the image is small enough to not be filed away. I just drew on the lines from one of the wrap remnants to make the DIY guide. I still can use them if I grow my nails pretty long (I will be doing that whn I get all nostagic again). My hub said he can fit one on his toe. All is saved! Hum…I’ll be getting you to model that, sir. 

Then, how can I figure out if my nail wrap that’s not yet printed off will fit this guide????

Voila, iphone to the rescue. Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs for making also great branding decals. 

ANSWER: Light box it against my DIY sizing tool! These are my Dulles Viking Class of 1991 wraps  I’ve designed for my High School Reunion coming up this September. The logo is the older one from when we were in school. That’s soooo old school graphic design. “Light box.” Maybe, light phone it. IDK, DC. 

ADDED VALUE: Make two designs on one sheet. Damn, Daniel! 

The second pattern stripes make a “V” and can be worn without the Dulles emblem too, so great patriotic colors for Voting or other patriotic days (anytime really). Talk about pre-planning! They have to be special-ordered from my site until Jamberry opens all designs to the public. Open – open – open ….

I hope others from my class wanna style them. 

Learned a little more from my alma mater today. Hope this iphone trick helps other NAS Jamberry designers before they go to print. 

Marvel Presented by Jamberry!

I am so happy to announce the Marvel and Jamberry collab! Check out the featured comic designs for yourself with more to come!

I might have to get the Captain America for July 4th… hum.. I was kinda Team Iron Man, well, I’m not sure but I like the comic strip too.


Marvel Jamberry
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