Avocado Farm Report 15 April 2012

This is our start. These seeds are huge and have already sprouted nicely. This makes for an exciting science experiment because these start to grow pretty quickly and look amazing.


DIY Avocado Farm!



Crochet business


I am truly amazed that my daughter picked up this book she got from her auntie and just started making the cutest little animal toys ever! She came home with a bunch of orders from her friends, so it’s her first entrepreneurial venture. We had to go over the costs after the fact but she’s making profit when she buys her supplies at discount, so good thing we always get 40% off with the phone app coupon. She has made these two little lions, a penguin, giraffe, but they went like hotcakes. I never got a photo. Anyway this just goes to show – just because you (adult) can’t do whatever doesn’t means the young ones can’t figure it out… Segway to another topic about work…


glove love

Pinterest has helped me discover another fetish for retro, pin up styles…but most obviously driving me to “pin” my love for gloves!!!

So I tried my hand at crocheting my first fingerless gloves, seeing how similar my coffee sleeves are in design.

Not necessarily the colors I wanted, but the starting point – here below:



Glad I’ve linked to others who have the same love for the glove.

Ava Cadeau

First of the farm. She auditioned for major roles in Little Shop of Horrors and Aliens.


Oui, she has a French name too.
I want to say I started growing this seed in the Summer of 2011, because I had lots of time. That’s after I was finding myself hanging around the HEB guacamole counter samples all day. So I also realized my love for the color of fresh avocado. See living room wall paint below.